Shakti ‎- Shakti With John McLaughlin (1976) [Vinyl Rip 24-96]

Shakti ‎– Shakti With John McLaughlin
Vinyl | LOG | CUE | FLAC | Tags | Full LP Cover (1:1)
24bit/96kHz: 1.14gb
Genre: Acoustic-Fusion | Label: Columbia / KC 34162 | First US Pressing | Release: 1976

Believe me, I am not joking when I saw awesome, because it really is. Think about one suberp guitarist , who again show us what he can do with that strings and that fingers, and a superb violin, a superb tabla, so after all it could be a super band no?
I really like John Mclaughlin, I think he is one of the best guitarist ever, so the fact of Mclaughlin here, is one extra point, in this music, you will remind some Mahavishnu Orchestra ( but forgot electric guitars and focus on acoustic), because of the excellent musicianship, and because some passages are very fast, guitar – violin oriented, with tabla and a very particular south indian percussion instrument called mridangam making Raga music, indian music, which could sound a bit rock.

It is a live album which consist in 3 tracks, 2 “epics” and one mid tempo and slow second track. “Joy” is the first track, an 18 minute song showing us how great are the musicians, fast fingers, fast music, all instruments gathered together, and tehy don’t let you go, it is a bit repetitive, but you can’t leave it, you can’t get tired of it, it is awesome because it`s a concert, so that lucky people could appreciate the complexity of the sound, it is full of scales, but you can listen how fine can play the musicians, 18 minutes of an indian trip, which you will enjoy.
“Lotus Feet”, is the shortest song, and is the slowest of them all, i mean, it is not a fast song, it is beautiful and show us the quality of the music, with a more reserved sound, violin is precious, and percussion background beautiful, after this, prepare yourself for the last song.
“What Need Have I for This – What Need Have I for That – I Am Dancing at the Feet of My Lord – All Is Bliss – All Is Bliss “, what a name no?, the name is so long, and the song is longer I think, the best way to end this album is this almost 30 minutes masterpiece, which is full of joy and a ridicoulous (in the good sense of the word) musicianship, is simply awesome, it can’t be 30 minutes of the same way, so you can imagine some changes, I use to listen to this with eyes closed , letting my mind reveiving it, and it is really a pleasure, a can’t say another word, it is simply beautiful, guitar in one hand, violin in other, suddenly both in one hand, it is a tremendous track, I’d love to see something similar until die, I have no words to describe the feeling when I’m listening to it, in fact I don’t open my mouth, only my ears and mind.
After all, Raga – Prog Indo -Prog is my less familiarized genre, but when I listen to this, I have the will to get more of this, not sure if the name of masterpiece of progressive rock is the best for this album, but it clearlydeserves 5 stars, and of course, I highly recommend it to all of you, maybe it is not everybody’s cup of tea, but if you like it the first time, you will love you ever.
5 Stars !

Side 1
1. Joy (18:13)
2. Lotus Feet (4:44)
Side 2
3. What Need Have I for This – What Need Have I for That – I Am Dancing at the Feet of My Lord – All Is Bliss – All Is Bliss (29:03)